Zack Bradley Photography
Zack Bradley Photography

Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Hey there, I’m so excited to photograph your wedding day!

If you can do me a favor and fill out this quick questionnaire to make sure I have everything accurate I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks so much!

Name *
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
This will help with family photo dynamics.
Immediate family includes parents, grandparents, siblings with their spouses and children.
Ex. grandmothers ring, fathers watch, etc...
Where's it from, what is your favorite part, do you have a veil, what does it look like?
Does the venue have any photographer related restrictions? I.e. flash, staying behind a certain point, etc...
Please include contacts for Coordinator, DJ, Caterer, Venue, Florist, Rentals, and any other relevant vendors.
During dinner may we grab a plate as well?
Also, will this be with sparklers, bubbles, bird seed, anything else?