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Zack Bradley Photography


About Zack Bradley Photography’s Style and Personality.

About Me

I am an outdoor enthusiast, beer loving nerd, husband, and dog dad to 3 pups. I offer weddings and unique portrait sessions for couples and families to showcase your personality and your adventures in the world. I specialize in wedding and couples photography in stunning natural locations.

My style can be described as bold, adventurous, chromatic, and elegant. So what does that mean?

Bold: having a strong or vivid appearance. My use of light along with wide and tight images throughout the day creates impactful imagery.

Adventurous: full of excitement and willing to try new techniques and experiences to get the perfect shot.

Chromatic: true toned dominant colors. By using a mix of natural light and strobes, I make sure that all color detail remains in your photos.

Elegant: graceful and stylish. You’ve thought so hard to make sure every piece of your theme works beautifully together. I capture everything in a tasteful and artistic manner.

Things I like: Dogs, tacos, good beer, misquoting old movies, Harry Potter and most other fantasy novels, mountains, quiet time in the mornings before anyone else is up.

Things I dislike: Olives. The Twilight Saga. Water that’s just pretending to be beer. The fact that I can only ever eat about 50% of a Nature Valley bar, the rest turns into crumbs and disappears in the cracks of your car. Olives again.

It makes me truly happy to be creative and to capture genuine moments throughout the day from smiles to tears. If you can open up and let me be a part of the family for a day, I’ll make sure you have a great time while we make awesome photos!

So, if you’re looking for a wedding and portrait photographer for you or someone you know, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me a message and you can tell me all about your plans!

- Zack